Why is “Not Choosing” still a choice? The Paradox of Life choices

The road to a fulfilling life begins with your small choices and daily decisions.

Fer Rivero


Series and books have become a part of my life, some reminding me of lessons I’ve learned along the journey. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t sink in until when you go through them over and over in a painful way.

Choosing or not choosing, what’s the deal?

Upon facing the question of accepting a new job when you currently have one, you are left with multiple choices. Say yes, quit your job and leave them hanging. Say No, reject the offer and probably close one door for the future and probably the worst one, not choosing any and simply letting things run against you. There are, of course, people who would create a fourth path based on the factors they have at hand.

Let me explain why Not Choosing is still a choice.

The choices you made are doors or roads in your way, imagine being lost in a maze, you then arrive at a plateau with three clear paths ahead, these are your choices towards each decision your take. Life is constantly throwing these 3 choices at us and we’re pretty quick to decide, but for some big moments in life, like a career, a family or a partner, you will be forced to make up your mind and go with that path even if your choice was the wrong one.

If you select the Yes Path, you abide by everything it entitles, you decided that you would assume the consequences and move forward with conviction. Saying a clear Yes to something will always close another path for you, yet, you are conscious of it.

If you select the No Path, you reject the things coming at you from one path and still will be able to hold on to the road ahead, in fact, saying “No” to many things in life make our wills stronger against adversity. Knowing what you don’t want is one of the strongest skills to have.

If you don’t select, then you are being pushed by life to the third road.

Here is the part where people mess up most of the time, not selecting a path doesn’t freeze you in time and leaves you hanging in front of the three roads, not selecting a path or taking too long to do so will always leave…



Fer Rivero

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