Why Do Relationships Truly End?

Contrary to what most people believe, a lack of love is not one of the common reasons for relationships ending.

Fer Rivero


Have you ever been through a break-up?

Were you the one deciding it was time to end things, or was it the other person?

Love is probably the strongest emotion we can feel as humans. In its various forms, we all seek to find that special one for a long-lasting, incredible relationship. It’s that initial spark that brings two individuals together, filling their world with shared moments and affection. However, as time passes, something insidious can leak into the cracks of even the most passionate connections, causing them to crumble.

One of the keys to long-lasting love is actually “Break and Repair”.

Breaking and Repairing Love

There is a huge difference between being hurt (by mistake) and purposely being hurt, and love brings many jars that might be broken in the process. Don’t get this wrong: your partner may hurt you, disappoint you and worry you, making a few of those jars crack as our expectations may play a big card in the game of love, but to love unconditionally means loving without restraints, embracing their flaws, knowing they’ll probably forget your mom’s birthday, that they are always late to dinner or that they still have lots to improve and is ok being imperfect.

No matter what it is, as the Japanese concept Kintsugi suggests, there is extreme beauty in our scars and repairing those misunderstandings is a way to strengthen the bond.

The real issue

Unfortunately, it is proven that most relationships break for a different purpose than lacking love. In fact, most couples love each other pretty much, leading them to extreme suffering. The real culprit for most break-ups is “Disconnection”. When people feel disconnected from each other, they refuse to negotiate their needs and have no motivation to contribute or fight for the relationship.

Let’s be honest; we all argue, we all have disagreements, and we all lack negotiation skills those days when everything sucks, or our partners didn’t do precisely what we expected from…



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