What to do when Instagram suddenly disables your account?

Sadly one of my clients has seen this “strange” yet common situation happening to them, losing full access to over 10.000 clients. Even though this is usually a machine’s doing, it is reversible if you follow the right steps.

Fer Rivero
3 min readMar 7, 2022


One of the things that made me crazy as a digital marketer was how much we were in need of Instagram and Facebook as our daily tools to make money, and even though is true that they’re powerful towards making clients, they offer 0 real communication and customer support, leaving thousands daily without their accounts due to algorithmic errors, hackers and “flags” their machines consider as cheating.

First, identifying what happened as soon as possible can make a big difference since the Help Center will offer you to send an email only in 2 cases.

If you can’t log in due to a specific error coming from them, or if you’re receiving a precise email from their company about people trying to change passwords or create accounts with your email. In any case, finding the right issue inside Facebook, Meta or Instagram’s help centre is a nightmare that leads to most people quitting.

This is obviously a strong tactic to avoid dealing with millions of questions and complaints monthly, but there are 2 places you can visit in order to appeal for this.

Facebook Help Center

Fb does have an “in-email” built-in help centre to contact and report bugs, and even though it is almost useless, at least by playing dumb and saying what happened to you must be a bug, your case will be actually seen by a real person. Please have low expectations here, I had tried multiple times and it took months to get one useless reply from the 2 or 3 agents they have for half the planet’s population.

Hidden Instagram Links

My client lost his account because somebody from the competence has been hiring a hacker to try to mess us up as max as possible. This fortunately for us gave us multiple emails proving that somebody was doing this on purpose, so our case could be brought via one of the…



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