What The Recent Flops from Hollywood Movies Can Teach You About Life and Social Media

Yes, including the recently released Aquaman movie, we’re walking into dangerous waters, and nobody is realising about it.

Fer Rivero


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Have you realised the disappointing reviews that movies with incredible budgets are having these days? And also… can you blame them? I was watching Aquaman yesterday, and sadly, it took me 10 minutes to start searching if it was Amber Heard in the movie (honestly, I’m glad she was; I don’t like it when movies replace actors looking similar).

Worse than that, it took half the movie for people to start walking off the cinema and by the time the “post-credit scene” was supposed to happen, we were four people still watching.

The silent flop of superhero movies from the biggest companies such as Marvel, DC and related is becoming too apparent, and even though we could blame the writers, the extreme CGI and post-production and vice versa, it is understandable that people simply don’t enjoy Jason Momoa flexing his muscles for no reason, I’m missing content, storytelling, emotions and all the things social media and society are stripping away from us.

The Social Media Effect and Superhero Disgust

In a simple example: Imagine meeting a person who is simply perfect. You just met them, and there they are, looking incredible, showing muscles, extremely successful, reach and unapproachable without a human issue. Most of us would simply feel disgusted by this model of perfection. They are an Instagram representation brought to real life.

Similar things are happening in Hollywood, not only do they keep making movies based on old things which worked in the past and take no risks or introduce anything new, but they are also taking for granted who the audience is.

Instead of trying to create an emotion, tell a story we can connect with and make us love the characters, they are focusing on Rotten Tomato Reviews and surpassing big figures in the first week.

Sounds similar to some social platforms where we want to get likes, followers and comments?

What the Data Shows…



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