Welcome to Love in the 21st Century

Where replacing the love of your life after a bad day is normal and Sex has way more to say about a relationship than love itself….

Fer Rivero


Welcome to Love in the 21st Century, a place where love is found online, where first impressions are extremely important and replacing your partner before even trying to fix the issues is the new normal.

Where a stupid argument can lead to the worst words ever said, where your partner is your punching box and the other individual is always wrong. Your Pride and Ego will always be more important than admitting a different point of view.

Where your actions are the most important in the relationship, where love is treated as a matter of luck and fishing for a new partner takes a couple of swipes of the finger. Why bother fixing something when you can find a new and shiny toy to break?

Where Sex is so important than finding somebody that fits perfectly for you can be determined only after having sex. Being a perfect match is no longer about working together towards a common goal, is about being “perfect” from moment cero.

Where girls are more afraid of getting pregnant than about being infected with HIV and other STDs and where boys are so desperate for sex that rape has become more common day by day.

Where losing a phone is more painful than losing your virginity and changing your family and friends for a short time stupid lover makes total sense in the head of the one in love.

Where sending naked pictures is proof of true eternal love just because the other promised you heaven while lying to you on a daily basis while ignoring the one who is actually giving everything for you. The bad type is always more attractive than the good ones who love fully.

Where possessions and materialism can be more attractive than stability and wisdom.💔❤️‍🩹

Welcome to love on the 21st Century.



Fer Rivero

Artist, Singer, Writer and Digital Marketer. Author of Quantum Behaviours, Tales for the Mind and other titles :D