The Life Crisis that Changed it all since I turned 30

Kids? A house? This life crisis is a game-changer for me and anybody ready to adopt it.

Fer Rivero
3 min readJul 28, 2022


Call me crazy, but being 30 years old is one of the best presents I could have lived through. I imagined myself dying before 27 like the big singers (silly me, my music back then was not even properly mixed)

But being serious about the topic, I am going through a Physical, Spiritual and Mental crisis since the 8th of July and I have no clue how to stop it.

Physically, I am ready to embrace the changes my body is having, some days I wake up thin and with a 6-pack, looking sharp and filled with energy, yet, the moment I eat one small cashew my tummy gets bloated as a beach inflatable and there is no coming back for the rest of the day. On other days my back and neck are hurting, my chest can’t breathe properly due to stress and the bags below my eyes are filled with… despair, or tiredness from sleeping too little or too much. I can’t seem to find the middle point.

Spiritually, even though I have always prided myself on being highly spiritual and had all that area figured out, now, during this extremely awesome yet challenging as hell month, that changed… I can’t concentrate during any of my meditations. From learning with monks years ago to rolling around like a Spanish croqueta waiting to be fried properly on all sides. I can’t think properly about life, the future, myself…

Mentally, I’m just on autopilot, a great one though, from celebrating my birthday, having photoshoots and improving my music and my algorithms to spending 3 crazy days in Tomorrowland, only to get back to work full mode while moving out of my house, selling all the furniture I own, renovate the whole place myself and trying to not end up single in the process. I am stressed about not being stressed. How crazy is that?

But the best part of this crisis is the Gratitude:

I am enjoying each day no matter how hardcore, painful or tiresome it gets…

I am more afraid of dying than ever because I feel like I just started living 20 days ago…



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