The Algorithm Agency is growing during 2021, even more than before!

2021 is our year, for us and for our artists, here we’re going to introduce you to all that is coming for your Music Marketing.

To begin, we have to thank each of the over 500 artists we’ve Promoted during the past 6 months. Thank you for your trust, your dedication, your talent and your feedback as it helps us improve. When we started, we had no idea we could reach to so many artists. With that said, let’s begin!

1. Welcome to Apple Music

As an extra effort to reach wider and spread artist’s Music even more, we are adding a service to playlist on Apple Music. You know us, we start small with the smallest price and then adapt while we grow. We hope this will give more chances to artists.

This service will be available in few days as we finish testing it, but definitely before January ends.

2. Skill Trees are back!

We presented a new format based on a Skill Tree combined with a Mind Map and today, artists subscribed to it will receive their 3rd map that will continue to update weekly, offering a solid Marketing Strategy for a everlasting career.

As an extra, all Skill Tree’s subscribed artists will count with a 50% discount for our Instagram Algorithm Tool. Our Algorithm tool has found over 5000 followers per week to our artists, finding those with high chances of becoming super fans as well as creating a connection with them.

3. We bet on Youtube for 2021

With Spotify purging songs from their catalogue and so many confusion amid how to promote music, we launched a new gig focused on Youtube, one that uses Google Ads + Promotion on Social Media and Small channels to rank Videos faster and get comments and likes as well as views.

This service is already implemented on our Fiverr profile and it helped us reach over 150 five star reviews on Fiverr in half a year! You can get it right here:

4. Spotify Services are safer but we aim for Tidal.

Nobody liked Spotify removing 750k songs from their catalogue, we know the fear is real and even though it is possible getting your songs back (with proof of fandom, marketing etc…) we don’t want to risk our artist’s hard work based on Spotify’s illogical decision. This is why we’re betting more on places like Tidal and Apple Music. Still, we’re going to keep Small playlists at a cheaper rate on Fiverr. This is the safest way to keep your marketing there.

We know how Spotify works, we know it feels awesome seeing big numbers, but we also know that Spotify does not share if they’re bots or not, why those people barely go to our profiles on social media and how they keep choosing music from big labels over Independent Artists. This is why we choose to focus on Social Media as it gives more control to artists over their empire.

You can find our Spotify gig here:

5. Blogs become better than ever!

Blogs were the beginning of this company, as they’re still one of the few tools that work to prove who an artist is, we had to improve them to showcase the best from each customer. Lately, the whole team has been working towards bringing more value to blogs, we stepped up towards writing them, giving a deeper meaning to each, we added Social Media promo, make them longer, added improved visuals and re-adapted each website containing them.

Blogs have proven to attract bigger audiences when posted online, to increase veracity and social respect as well as rank an artists higher on Google. Not having the best of them isn’t an option when it comes to music marketing.

Also, remember one of our partners works with bigger blog outlets, being able to get artists (if conditions are right) into places like / News / Finances, America Daily Post, London Daily Post, California Herald, Google Articles…

6. Our Courses are being re-designed

Music marketing is a constant fluid Strategy and our Music Marketing Courses and E-books should follow this Flow state too. This is why, along this months we’re going to be re-adapting those courses oriented for Artists, managers and professionals in the sector. E-books were given as a free gift to our customers and we’re determined to keep this going as well as increase our own e-books.

As some great philosophers said:

You can’t teach a person who thinks they know it all, you can’t learn if you think you’ve learned it already and… You know Nothing Jhon Snow.

More improvements and changes are yet to come but remember, Music Marketing is a forever changing strategy, like water. Embrace the change, try it everything, work as well as an Algorithm.




Recording Artist, Digital & Music Marketing Consultant, Strategist and Director of "Galeorithm Agency"

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Fer Rivero

Fer Rivero

Recording Artist, Digital & Music Marketing Consultant, Strategist and Director of "Galeorithm Agency"

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