SEO, SEM, SEA… what’s all this? Why is it important to understand the difference?

Many People don’t understand what their brand actually needs and it can cost them a fortune before they find out, let me help you out before you throw your money away.

Fer Rivero


Marketing can be simple with the right knowledge at hand, but sometimes, it is hard to capture all of the “wording” people use daily when working in the Digital Field.

Let’s go with the basics, SEM means Search Engine Marketing and is considered to be the main host of both SEO and SEA, where the first one refers to Search Engine Optimisation and the latest refers to Search Engine Advertising.

Just a reminder about Search Engines, Google keeps being at the top with 91.42% Market share compared to Bing, or the most common engine allowed in China called Baidu.

Let’s explain the 3 SEM/SEO/SEA concept with a simple example:

Imagine you have a business and start working to get it placed all over the internet, be found easily and be mentioned by blogs, websites and others, you upload some PDFs with useful information for people to find online, post some videos on Youtube and even do a Podcast related to your company where you share tons of info about what you do, this would be considered SEO, since you are optimising your position on Google, Bing etc…

Then, to maximise results, you decided to open Google Ads and put some of your products there, link the ads to your website to increase conversions, and start seeing concepts such as CPC, PPC, CPA… Since you are paying for advertising on the Search Engine, you would be directly working on SEA.

Both of these efforts are part of SEM since they are in their original form, types of Search Engine Marketing.

Are there any other ways for promoting your business?

Almost all of the social media these days have built a Search Engine inside of it, Instagram uses its search bar to…



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