The Poem that changed my life at my lowest.

Yesterday evening I found the Poem I was repeating to myself in my head 10 years ago when I was captive by a Gang in Asia.

Fer Rivero


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Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese poet who lived and died between 1883 and 1931 wrote this poem.

Do Not Love Half Lovers.

Do Not Entertain Half Friends.

Do Not Indulge in Works of the Half Talented.

Do Not Live Half a Life,

And Do Not Die a Half Death.

If You Choose Silence, Then Be Silent.

When You Speak,

Do So Until You Are Finished.

Do Not Silence Yourself to Say Something,

And Do Not Speak To Be Silent

If You Accept, Then Express It Bluntly,

Do Not Mask It.

If You Refuse, Then Be Clear About It,

For an Ambiguous Refusal

Is But a Weak Acceptance

Do Not Accept Half a Solution.

Do Not Believe Half-Truths.

Do Not Dream Half a Dream.

Do Not Fantasize About Half Hopes.

Half a Drink Will Not Quench Your Thirst

Half a Meal Will Not Satiate Your Hunger

Half the Way Will Get You Nowhere

Half An Idea Will Bear You No Results

Your Other Half Is Not

The One You Love,

It is You in Another Time

Yet In the Same Space

It is You when You Are Not

Half A Life Is a Life You Didn’t live,

A Word You Have Not Said,

A smile You Postponed,

A Love You Have Not Had,

A Friendship You Did Not Know

To Reach And Not Arrive,

Work And Not Work,

Attend Only To Be Absent.

What Makes You A Stranger

To Them Closest To You

And They Strangers To You

The Half Is a Mere Moment Of Inability,

But You Are Able,

For You Are Not Half a Being

You Are A Whole That Exists

To Live a Life

Not Half a Life.

It blew my mind once again, hopefully, one person can find meaning and not half-live their week thanks to this.



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