Moving to Amsterdam is Brutal, here is my experience after one week.

People told me finding housing in Amsterdam was hard but… the task is almost impossible

Fer Rivero


Two weeks ago I decided Amsterdam would be my place to settle, hoping finally this would be the place for me and even though I had been warned by my peers and colleagues, I did all my homework, studied the market and told myself that it couldn’t be as hard as finding an apartment in China, where everybody just spoke Mandarin to do so.

I was extremely wrong, the market here is insane, maybe because we are in a post-covid season and the city is blooming with tourism, perhaps is the interest younger people have towards trying the so-called “legal drugs”, it might be due to the high season rental as schools and Universities are starting again or simply just a slip from the Dutch government when considering housing options for everybody.

The reality is that thousands of people are competing on a daily basis to find an apartment, a room or at least a long-term stay without paying a kidney and a half for it.

Let me break down my first week for you:

I got an Airbnb type of apartment via Expedia, it was a great deal for one week, only paying 917€ after my Genius 30% discount.

The apartment, located in Amstelveen was only 10 minutes away from the city centre by bike.

As it was the first week and I’m a visual learner, I thought about biking for the entire week to enjoy the last “good” weather Amsterdam had left.

The city is lovely, crowded, vibrant and offers insane experiences in all fields (professional work, entertainment, artistic work…) so even though I knew I would have to work hard to find my place here, I can see how it will be worth it in the long run.

After the first day the rain took over the city while I was on my bike, and as I call it, this is London’s type of rain, it takes a few seconds to be compared to a soup, temperatures dropped and trusting it would be a short time thing, I kept going on my bike like everyone else around me.

In total I did 57 KM by bike on the first week, I got returned 250€ from the…



Fer Rivero

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