Leo Furtado has the talent, work ethics and a bright future ahead

With incredible visuals out of this world, the Brazilian singer based in Seattle since 2006 has achieved a well stablished debut via Youtube where his music video for «Illegal Alien»

Watch the Video here

His new song has the potential to become something beyond, but this is not his first experience in the music Industry.

Since he was 14 he was leading a small church A Capella in a remote rural zone of Brazil, where his dad was the church leader back then.
There was no musician around, and the congregation would sing its songs a
cappella. That experience bounded Leo and music, and later on, Leo bought
himself a guitar and started to taught himself the guitar by listening Raul Seixas’s songs on the radio.

In 2010 Leo wrote his first song: Retratos de Esperança and his first single
“Morada do Sol”, opening his way integrating his poetry into music.
Morada do Sol, is haunting folk song describing his pilgrim soul longing for a place where the sun lives!

Morada do Sol and Retratos de Esperança gave him the title of best song and best video of the year in a small group of songwriters in Seattle in 2015.

After a hiatus, around 2016–2017 during some psychology classes at Edmonds College, Leo felt in love with Depth Psychology and more precisely the Jungian approach to Psychology.
Leo shifted his writing style to become heavily influenced by dreams and all of the contents that the unconscious gives to any artist or whoever take their dream analysis seriously.

‘’Illegal Alien’’ is the result of all this long career of successes and not only you can watch the music video, you can as well listen on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Listen on Spotify



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Fer Rivero

Fer Rivero

Recording Artist, Digital & Music Marketing Consultant, Strategist and Director of "Galeorithm Agency"