Independent Artists to Highlight: Banana Biz

Inspiring, easy-listening and Unique House & Bass music keep flowing from his Productions

Fer Rivero
4 min readJan 27, 2022


I always had a special space in my heart for Banana Biz aka (Trent Laughlin) and his music. Not only due to how well his sound is, with songs that I’ve been listening to over and over. From the first single I’ve heard a couple of years ago titled “You Wish You Did It” to his most recent songs like “What Are We” or “Do You Believe in Magic” released during 2021 and still sounding in 2022 as if they were brand released.

If you know my work as a Music and Digital Marketer, then you know sometimes I love to highlight artists that are giving great steps towards their musical career and this time, Banana Biz deserves that spot.

Let’s see what he is doing to keep the audience engaged.


When it comes to artists, we tend to stop releasing for a long while, then come back stronger than ever thinking our audience will remain looking to our profile as if we were Rihanna.

The reality is far different from this, almost nobody will even receive your posts, songs and news unless they are a big fan of yours and constantly keep receiving material from you. Trent knows this and since 2019 he has devoted part of his time to his passion, making sure there is at least a new single every few months, earning followers and fans not only on Spotify but on social media as well.


One of the things defining his sound is the main electronic genre and the way he uses vocal chops and main sentences to bring huge drops and twists. But another aspect that keeps the audience listening is the Innovation and the risk factor he tries in each song. From Rap, vocals, new trending sounds and a cocktail of elements brought from other genres, he makes sure each single has something fresh.

This is a big plus, as finding the balance between bringing something new and losing your main style in the process is an extremely risky factor that can destroy an artist’s interest from their audience.




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