I’m moving to another country for the 9th time, be ready Amsterdam!

Cologne and Germany are a part of me and I’ll keep my friends, connections and businesses afloat.

Fer Rivero


This might sound sudden, but the decision of moving has been forming within my mind for some time. Let me express why:

I came to Germany a year and a half ago with two purposes, to have a happy relationship with the person I fell in love with and to grow my music and my business. Upon arriving I found myself in one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever lived in and met incredibly friendly people who welcomed me with open arms and gave me tons of opportunities, my two purposes expanded more than I’d ever expected.

To each of you, I can’t thank you enough for your love, your trust and for sharing your experiences with me.

Unfortunately, I started to feel stuck due to having to travel far for training, taxes for my career type being way too complex or having such tough times finding a house.

The main issues

If you know me, you know that my biggest passion in life will always be music and even though I have tried to connect with musicians, managers and others, it seems as if most of the music industry is located in Berlin, not in Cologne.

When it comes to training acrobatics, I had to pick a train and go to a trampoline park located in the SouthEast of Dusseldorf and still, I couldn’t find a place to practice aerial silks (a sport that keeps my spine in the right place) and I’m needing it for my survival these days.

Marketing has been awesome in Cologne, I love the challenges, the companies, and how my coworkers connect with me and their passion for it, this is why I want to keep that link with them, fortunately for me, this is easy as a freelancer.

The housing market on the other hand is a nightmare in most of Germany and if chosen to see the apartment, I’m always the last wolf to have a chance because I’m a Freelancer or because I’m not German and blonde with blue eyes.

Dancing has been a blast, I love Cologne Dance Centre and the way they trusted in my skills from day one, unfortunately, the salary covering some…



Fer Rivero

Artist, Singer, Writer and Digital Marketer. Author of Quantum Behaviours, Tales for the Mind and other titles :D