I wrote an Algorithm to find love, and it changed my life

And I want to share all about it in this article so you can learn and find love from it too!

Fer Rivero
8 min readApr 22, 2022


2 years ago I was sitting in my attic in Lisbon under a lot of work thinking, is there somebody out there for me? How do I go through this pandemic without a person to share all this craziness? I recently left Hong Kong after quitting my job and creating my Marketing Agency.

I thought to myself: If one of my algorithms can predict who will become a follower or client through social media…. why can’t I predict who is a perfect match for me in a certain location?

Let me tell you beforehand, my algorithm wasn’t able to find the true one, but it was able to narrow it so much that you had at the end, less than 10 people to meet with one of them possibly being a great match.

First I took this as a challenge and informed myself so much about it as probably somebody thought about my algorithm previously.

Lucky for me I found someone who did go through the same process and gave a TED Talk about it! This saved me so much time and effort.

Amy Webb was playing in a way harder environment than I was since she had to send emails through to get to know people.

Now we have Tinder, Parship, Bumblebee… even Facebook Dating! The amount of data collected in the cloud from each of us is more than enough for them to know who can be a great match for each of us.

As Amy did, I had my timeline as well, I was 27 and had 4 failed relationships on my back so… Time was starting to run tight even though I like to consider myself quite young.

My timeline was somehow similar to Amy’s

Now, I’m gay, so that means I had a way smaller market than she did and even though I might be hated for saying this, in high dense…



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