I think our 30s can be the best so far! Here are 5 reasons to embrace them:

I just joined the 30s club and I am really excited about it. In fact, I’m still celebrating my birthday and loving each day.

Fer Rivero
5 min readJul 10, 2022


To celebrate my 30s, I decided to do a photoshoot to embrace myself

Tons of people are putting the 30s as the worst age to turn to, while other friends are telling me how comfortable life is at this age.

I personally want to celebrate them for many reasons and hopefully, this article helps you smile, love yourself a bit more and be excited for the age you have, no matter the number.

1. Is time to Love your body

I have to admit it, going to the gym, eating healthy and staying on top of my image is something that kills my daily mood. Bloating is real and being thin with abs in the morning is awesome, but the moment you eat a grape your stomach turns into a balloon and I was seriously hating my body for it.

I decided to flip the switch, while my gym coaches are over 40 and killing it, I was complaining about my own body when is me being lazy! It was time for a change, I decided to get back into training acrobatics, stop using electric scooters and use my bike daily, walk longer distances and quit the gym, instead, during the summer I am training at home, testing multiple Youtube videos and improving my cooking recipes.

Salads filled with proteins and flavours are a must-eat for me, and I am loving them!

2. If health starts to decrease, learn/check about it!

Unfortunately in our 20s, we are a bit wilder when it comes to healthy habits, we barely get blood tests to see if all nutrients and vitamins are there. We might even be more aggressive with our training or totally neglect our health and spend the whole day eating and playing video games.

Maybe you are like me, and chocolate is a MUST. Whatever the case, I recommend you to start checking more regularly your health. The body gets sick to remind us how important a blood test or a visit to the doctor can be.

I know, lower back pain is real at this age, but a couple of new back exercises and sleeping habits can change completely how…



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