How to promote your music “safely” this 2021 after Spotify’s Purge?

Artists have it more and more complex when it comes to promoting the music and this guide can change that completely!

With Spotify erasing over 750k songs claiming they were all boosted with “Artificial Streams” and places like Facebook having new complex policies for music… what can you do next to keep promoting and achieving results?

  • Instagram: ads are great but still they feel cold and lead to tons of unfollows as the person seeing the ads doesn’t know the artist. Stick to Stories and Reels, connect with your audience and talk to them!
  • Get on TikTok: Even though the content you see there is quite… unique, having your song promoted on Tiktok is always a good option! Who knows how many views a quick video can get there? Tiktok leads to tons of streams!
  • Blogs and Proof are Key: Most artists think blogs are useless but they increase how much you’re Shown around the internet, not only you can get awesome reviews and extra promo from them as well as proof of your quality, but also they lead to bigger trust, the feeling of being proud from your fans and a better Marketing Image.
  • Social Media is top, algorithms like Spotify’s or other Streaming platform shows more an artist as more shareable his music is and more fans go from social media into the streaming platform. Remember, there is no point of listening to a song in a playlist if the listener won’t even know who is the artist who sings it. Be safe, get them on your social media.
  • Influencer Marketing: Having somebody or tons of people talking about your music online can make a huge difference and introduce you to new audiences! Try all options!
  • Facebook Ads: Not my favorite but they can lead to tons of conversions if there is a proper ad places to the right people, get to know them!

As always, we have Music Marketing Courses, E-books, Tools and others to promote your music! Reach out via instagram @ferriveromusic or



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Fer Rivero

Fer Rivero


Recording Artist, Digital & Music Marketing Consultant, Strategist and Director of "Galeorithm Agency"