Digital Marketing is now a “must do” for each of us in 2021

From pictures on Instagram to Ads around Google, each Business, Brand, Artist and Freelancer should consider their Digital Marketing to be their top priority towards getting customers as technology and social media are a massive competition for customer’s attention.

Are you following the right strategy for you?

This days we can see any kid, teenager and adult looking at their phones for uncountable hours, we react to notifications, we stress when our posts are not getting enough likes and we gather lost time where we don’t even realize how many ads per minute we’re able to watch. With the rise of TikTok, allowing any person to achieve billions of views in days, the quick trend by Instagram to add “Reels”, giving priority on impressions over their posts, Twitter jumping into the line with their own stories system titled “Fleet’’ or Youtube putting twice the Ads on each video to get people to subscribe to their premium service; we are, as a society, hyperconnected to our phones and highly influenced by it.

When trying to earn attention, get customers, connect with others or introduce our services and talents to the world, the issue is not how much we care about our phones neither the lack of results 99% of users get, the issue we all face this days is the competition.

Few Influencers and Marketers have mastered 1social media, even less have mastered multiple and the prices for their services are above the charts.

How can you actually sky-rocket your marketing?

  1. Be approachable: Let your social media speak of your products, your services, don’t over-sell yourself. Let your pictures, designs… invite the customer’s attention.
  2. Have reviews from people like you and me: Is proven we will trust more when we talk to a real person that understands us and… has reviews!
  3. Keep the high quality content coming: You don’t need to post daily neither spend massive amounts of money for this, just offer value. Why should people check you out instead of the other hundred million accounts? Give them life-changing value.
  4. Be unique: We all want to go with the trends, so much, we loose our essence in the process, follow trends connected to you, don’t loose your soul for a trend that will last 2 days.
  5. Talk to approachable Marketers: You will find people like me on social media, just passionate about Digital Marketing, why not sending us a message via Instagram? @FerRiveroMusic

Be sure to ask your questions!




Recording Artist, Digital & Music Marketing Consultant, Strategist and Director of "Galeorithm Agency"

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Fer Rivero

Fer Rivero

Recording Artist, Digital & Music Marketing Consultant, Strategist and Director of "Galeorithm Agency"

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